Saturday, August 19, 2006


My libertarian side rears its ugly head big time whenever this subject pops up. If there is any subject that more draws the differences between the two main parties and the libertarians in more stark relief it has to be druge. But I'm not entirely sold on the purely libertarian point of view.

Democrat point of view - We're not sure drugs should be legal. We'll all for any anti social behavior (of which being a homeless drug adict of crack whore is one) and be feel you should be able to do anything with your body, however our uncontrollable need to make everyone unhappy and share our hatred of America puts us in conflict. If we legalize drugs that will make people happy, and being a Democrat (and liberal) is not about being happy, it's about being pissed all the time and screaming at people.

Republican point of view - The use of drugs is an abuse of your body, and is not 'moraly right', so this is bad. There is also some belief that it is forbidden by God, and that is even worse. We can't reconcile that God made all plants and animals for us to use, but whatever. Getting drunk and slapping around the wife and kids is okay, but toking up a doobie and passing out over a bowl of cheetos is bad.

Libertarian point of view - Amsterdam in the Netherlands has good a good idea. but they're way too conservative! Now if there were vending machines with crack, pot, acid and condoms in the elementary schools, you'd be more on track. Just a minute, I need to reload my bowl.

This is really a lot simpler than it looks. We're practicing a sort of moral relatvism. By picking and chosing what sort of 'sin' we allow, we're making fools of ourselves. Beer and tobaco, go for it. Smoke a joint, or do a little acid and you go to jail. There really is no difference. For a time alcohol was treated just like marijuana is now, with nearly identical results. Crime jumped around cities, there was rampant and uncontrollable smuggling, thousands went to jail and hundred died who were guilty of doing nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

All you have to do is look at the alarming stats. Two out of five prisoners in many states are in jail for drug related crimes, the majority of them for non-violent crimes (minor possession being the most common). I'm not just talking about legalizing something to take away the crime, I'm talking about leveling the moral playing field. As a society fairness needs to be considered. You cannot have one social drig legal, and another not. I'm not suggesting making herion and crack legal, or any other known dangrous drugs. But we have to be realistic here. Tobaco and alcohol both have KNOWN and SIGNIFICANT health risks. How can we justify alowing them, and not marijuana, ectsasy, and a few other relatively safe drugs. As a society you have a clear choice. Allow some of these drugs for those who chose to excecise their FREEDOM in this way, and not the ones that are outright dangerous. Or allow none at all. Arguments can be make that they all should be illegal, and I can see many of them. But can you see the results of trying this approach? Do we go back down the prohibition road? I can see this coming for tobacco. Good luck with that one boys. If you can't stop drugs, how in the hell do you expect to stop cigaretes?

I'm forced to categorize the war on drugs and our societal love affair with making the less sexy ones illegal as nothing more than an excercise in elitism. They are an attempt to swell the roles of the law breakers. How else can a government have power, if there aren't people to put in jail? Try to go through a day in your life without breaking a law, and good luck with that. Smoking a joint is one or a few people trying to get pleasure. It's often a social thing for some. Do people go insane and lose themselves in pot? Sure, and they do with booze too. When a society cherry picks its approved vises, it has no legitemate leg to stand on.

Oh, and I believe this extends to prostitution as well. It's his or her body, deciding to give it away after dinner and drinks is no different than for a credit card authorization. So have a drink, light a joint, and go buy some really good sex. Chew it over.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Left's War on War

Another blow has been struck for freedom. A federal judge has struck down as 'unconstitutional' a federal so called no-knock wiretapping program.

Isn't that just wonderful? Except the premise and story is chocked full of bullshit. First off there was no 'wiretapping'. To do this you need to intercept the line of a citizen, insert a recording/monitoring device, and record the calls. What was happening was a form of data mining. The feds were monitoring incoming calls from known terrorists to people in the US. If there was reason to suspect anything then a warrant was requested and a proper wiretap was performed. Second, as these calls originate outside the US there is no 'constitutional protection' provided. This is the same situation if someone from say Iceland was transmitting treasonous messages into the US, or may child pronography. While it might be illegal to do this in there country, you can't go and prosecute someone in the US for watching it! Or for that matter go off and try to get the guy sending it. Foreign originating calls are free game.

The root of all of this comes from the typical self loathing hatred of America that so many liberals of the ilk that have taken over the ACLU seem to demostrate on an almost daily basis. If these people had been around during WWII we'd all be having wienerschnitzel for lunch. Think I'm kidding? Recently the New York Times has been on a rampage, publishing every state secret concerning anti terrorist programs they can come across hoping that one of them will so outrage the people that they will vote for one less Republican in November (remember boys and girls, I'm a Libertarian, so don't even start with me). Not only would this not have been tolerated during WWII, but it wouldn't have been done! Several reporters discovered the nature of the Manhattan Project (the project to develope Nuclear Weapons during WWII) before it was completed. They didn't have to be threatened or intimadated. THEY KEPT THEIR DAMNED MOUTHS SHUT! Actions like those of the New York Times demonstrates much more than lack of discretion, it demonstrates that they care more for any personal/political vendetta or selling papers than they do for the fait of our nation. Should a terrorist succeed in an attack now and state they did so because of information so kindly provided by the NY Times, what do you suppose will be their response?

So far has gone the need to be a dove in our society, that the need to remove any kind or positive reference from war in our society is rapidly advancing on all fronts, often led by the aformentioned ACLU. Just read this story on VJ Day (Victor in Japan).

As few as twenty years ago VJ Day was celebrated in almost all towns and cities of our country. A victory for America was something to be proud of. Is it a celebration of the killing of the enemy? Not really, it is a celebration of our VICTORY OVER EVIL! Liberals blind themselves to the fact that evil even exists. Don't fool yourself, it does. They make statements of the negative trauma or stigma for the Japanese as the results of these celebrations. Most Japanese are very sorry for what happened in WWII (as a nation, they should be). The fact that these celebrations might appear mean spirited to the Japanese is no reason to cease them. Our need to celebrate our national successes far outweighs any need to be 'policitally correct'. Just watch the TV lately and see all the second guessing, hand wringing that goes on in any documentary about the end of WWII and the dropping of two nuclear weapons on Japan. Thousands died that day, but millions were probably spared.

So now another war is underway. Probably the third world war. Like it or not, we're in this one for the long haul. Islamic Fascists are probably a bigger threat than the Nazis or the Communists ever were. Becoming a Nazi or Commie wasn't a quiet thing that grew like a disease. Islam isn't a political movement. Followers of the Moon God of Islam are not running for office. They are too busy building 'community centers' and new mosques where they then radicalize their children, recruit young angry blacks as foot soldiers, and plan for the day when they can strike for ALLAH!

So you've seen the news, watched the talk shows, and no where the left sits (never stand). What are you going to do about it? Point it out, call it out, shout it out. Never let a leftist get their point out without challenging it. I don't care if your at work, church, your parents house, or out for a beer with the boys. Just don't let them spout some bullshit line from TV without being able to back it up! Think about it, at the very least, and come back later. Most people aren't true leftists, but the left has a very convincing political arm and they use the press masterfully. The war goes on, even though they hate it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tackling Dummies

Issues you can expect to see me take on here in a coming posts include;

The left's war on war
The Murder of Culture

Sounds like fun. Stop by and watch me vent my spleen!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Time Deepens All Wounds

The world is an interesting place. Not that interesting is really a good word. An ancient Chinese curse (reportedly) was "May you live in interesting times!". I would have to say these are interesting. In my 42 years thus far I can't say when more has ever occurred with such a potential to change the face of our reality.

America is a unique experiment. A little over 200 years in the making, it has been molded and shaped into something that does not at all resemble what it was conceived to be. Inconceivable! Our founding fathers, several dozen dead old white dudes who are slowy being vilified, were genius of an order seldom seen on the world stage. The fact that they got together and did what they did was nothing short of amazing. How few of this new growing generation either know this, or are being taught this? Almost none in our public schools. Ask my eight year old son who Paul Revere is, or Thomas Jefferson for that matter, and he gives you a blank look. The same response for "Who is George Washington?" But request he name a half dozen Pokemon characters, the staring players in Sponge Bob Square Pants, or the fairly Odd Parents, and you get your answer quickly. He also knows quite well who Martin Luther King Jr. is. That is a good thing, but that he would know who a minor player in the events of American history is (MLK), but no clue who wrote the declaration of independence is an outrage.

This disease extends deep, and grows deeper by the day. Our calendar is ripe with holidays celebrated by my fellow Americans, though few garner a well deserved day off. Christmas (I just smile at this one), new years, Independence Day, and a few others. Children in most school districts of our nation no longer get Columbus Day off. Sorry, he's almost worse than those founding father characters. He didn't help found a nation, he's a mass murderer. No, here we get off for MLK Day (yep, again) and Cinco De Mayo. Huh? My child gets to take off a day celebrated in another country?

In our schools, government offices, even private organizations the old trappings of pride and civic virtue are being scrubbed away with the harsh chemicals of political revisionism. As I heard recently, it's not that the other side is happy to have their monuments to multiculturalism (more on that horrific word some other time) or tolerance in the town square next to ours; they will only be happy when ours are torn down and burned. The founding fathers are like that statue of Saddam Hussein, the new regime has the tank chain tied around his neck, they're only trying to find enough traction in the sands of the political landscape before slamming it in gear and ripping its head off. What then? Rather like what happened to the celebrations of Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday, they morphed into President's Day. A single unrecognizable holiday that not even most banks close for any more.

In the book 1984 a grim view of the future political body was presented to us with New Speak as its shining example of progress. Twenty two years after that forecasted time we don't yet have New Speak, but we do have Political Correctness. What I consider to be the most dangerous movement to ever sweep the land. What can be so dangerous about just being careful what you say? Because it's not born from any concern over what you say but rather a wrongminded attempt to create thought police, pure and simple. My father (of Irish/Scottish decent) used to have heated arguments with his neighbor of Polish decent. It was not uncommon to hear my dad called a stupid potato eater, and my dad accuse him of being a crazy polock. They were best friends until the day that wonderful neighbor died a quick and painful death of cancer. My father held his hand as he passed beyond; the man's own son didn't have time to be there. Today? They would have both been labeled as bigots and cast out. They both knew what they were, and had no problem with someone laughing along with them. Generations ago their families had melted into the landscape of America. No, wait, these days that's a bad thing. They say we can't have any melting pot action, it's absolutely necessary to maintain our "old country" ways; culture is everything, we must keep the old and throw out the new. We can't become Americans, they are evil! Cue the American Self Loathing movement; enter stage left.

There is too much to say now, after 2am with my wife snoring loudly on the couch. (Thank you so much dear! I'll kill you later.) I'm going to try to tackle some of my feelings, observations, and beliefs piece by piece over the next few posts. If some of you like what you see, tell me. If you disagree, tell me too. As a firm constitutionalist, I will defend with my dying breath your right to be wrong.

Guns! Can't wait to get into that one.