Thursday, October 09, 2008

Painful to Watch

No, I'm not talking about Governor Palin. Don't even start with that crap, she is the governor of our largest state, a deadly political opponent, and smarter than 3/4 of the asshats in congress. Is the the smartest, most experienced, slickest politician McCain could have picked? Of course not, but considering how low Obama set the bar, he easily topped Biden. So enough on that.

Anyway, for a laugh on the whole liberal 'progressive' (right, yeah) lifestyle, check this out;

They have a whole series of very biting commentary on the left called Diversity Lane. There is a fair amount of conservative humor out there, but much of it is less than creative, and more of biting. This is both. I wonder how many progressives have the strength to look at their own character through this mirror?


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