Monday, July 07, 2008

The New Inquisition

I spent a couple of hours listening to global warming propaganda today and finally had to stop before my brain melted down. The drum beat that proceeds daily is as unrelenting as anything I have seen in my life. I doubt the propaganda against the Axis during WWII was as concerted and carefully planned as this. You literally can't open a news paper, go to a news website, or watch a broadcast without someone telling you 'the sky is falling'. If it isn't straight up MMGW rhetoric, then it's GREEN, GREEN, GREEN. I'm going to puke until my anus comes out my mouth. I watched a segment on ABC streaming video showing how a woman has her dogs going green. WTF?! I saw another segment that said even owning pets adds to the 'problem'. Every aspect of our lives are being blamed from the cars we drive, the jobs we work, to the houses we live in. The only thing you don't hear about is the opposition. The thirty-one thousand plus scientists, PhD, climatologists, and meteorologists who are now finally coming with a 'not so quick there sport' concerning MMGW.
But what does it matter? The more I watch this, the more I wonder how long before the first high priests of the inquisition are named? Are they warming up the hot pokers and other implements of fun? You aren't allowed to even question that what is happening is our fault. To do so brings down the wrath of the true believers. Those the live 'green'. The self righteous. The Prius drivers. Think I'm exaggerating? In California, home of the loony left, they are considering making it mandatory that a house has an RF device installed that will allow officials to turn your thermostat up/down by five degrees when ever it is deemed 'necessary' for the common good. There is no doubt about it, we're in deep shit. I honestly think before long doubting MMGW will be labeled a hate crime, against momma earth, I'm sure.
Most trends have a swing of the pendulum, first one way then the other. What about this one? It's hard to imagine a more drastic back swing than if we do have a new Maunder Minimum in the making, and next winter is worst in recorded history. What will the high preist of MMGW, Algore, have to say then? Will it too be blamed on climate change? Will self righteous assholes point to that moronic movie "The Day after Tomorrow", also known as science takes a holiday, and say AH-HA! Or will the average man finally start looking at the science of this whole thing and go, WTF?

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