Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Left's War on War

Another blow has been struck for freedom. A federal judge has struck down as 'unconstitutional' a federal so called no-knock wiretapping program.

Isn't that just wonderful? Except the premise and story is chocked full of bullshit. First off there was no 'wiretapping'. To do this you need to intercept the line of a citizen, insert a recording/monitoring device, and record the calls. What was happening was a form of data mining. The feds were monitoring incoming calls from known terrorists to people in the US. If there was reason to suspect anything then a warrant was requested and a proper wiretap was performed. Second, as these calls originate outside the US there is no 'constitutional protection' provided. This is the same situation if someone from say Iceland was transmitting treasonous messages into the US, or may child pronography. While it might be illegal to do this in there country, you can't go and prosecute someone in the US for watching it! Or for that matter go off and try to get the guy sending it. Foreign originating calls are free game.

The root of all of this comes from the typical self loathing hatred of America that so many liberals of the ilk that have taken over the ACLU seem to demostrate on an almost daily basis. If these people had been around during WWII we'd all be having wienerschnitzel for lunch. Think I'm kidding? Recently the New York Times has been on a rampage, publishing every state secret concerning anti terrorist programs they can come across hoping that one of them will so outrage the people that they will vote for one less Republican in November (remember boys and girls, I'm a Libertarian, so don't even start with me). Not only would this not have been tolerated during WWII, but it wouldn't have been done! Several reporters discovered the nature of the Manhattan Project (the project to develope Nuclear Weapons during WWII) before it was completed. They didn't have to be threatened or intimadated. THEY KEPT THEIR DAMNED MOUTHS SHUT! Actions like those of the New York Times demonstrates much more than lack of discretion, it demonstrates that they care more for any personal/political vendetta or selling papers than they do for the fait of our nation. Should a terrorist succeed in an attack now and state they did so because of information so kindly provided by the NY Times, what do you suppose will be their response?

So far has gone the need to be a dove in our society, that the need to remove any kind or positive reference from war in our society is rapidly advancing on all fronts, often led by the aformentioned ACLU. Just read this story on VJ Day (Victor in Japan).

As few as twenty years ago VJ Day was celebrated in almost all towns and cities of our country. A victory for America was something to be proud of. Is it a celebration of the killing of the enemy? Not really, it is a celebration of our VICTORY OVER EVIL! Liberals blind themselves to the fact that evil even exists. Don't fool yourself, it does. They make statements of the negative trauma or stigma for the Japanese as the results of these celebrations. Most Japanese are very sorry for what happened in WWII (as a nation, they should be). The fact that these celebrations might appear mean spirited to the Japanese is no reason to cease them. Our need to celebrate our national successes far outweighs any need to be 'policitally correct'. Just watch the TV lately and see all the second guessing, hand wringing that goes on in any documentary about the end of WWII and the dropping of two nuclear weapons on Japan. Thousands died that day, but millions were probably spared.

So now another war is underway. Probably the third world war. Like it or not, we're in this one for the long haul. Islamic Fascists are probably a bigger threat than the Nazis or the Communists ever were. Becoming a Nazi or Commie wasn't a quiet thing that grew like a disease. Islam isn't a political movement. Followers of the Moon God of Islam are not running for office. They are too busy building 'community centers' and new mosques where they then radicalize their children, recruit young angry blacks as foot soldiers, and plan for the day when they can strike for ALLAH!

So you've seen the news, watched the talk shows, and no where the left sits (never stand). What are you going to do about it? Point it out, call it out, shout it out. Never let a leftist get their point out without challenging it. I don't care if your at work, church, your parents house, or out for a beer with the boys. Just don't let them spout some bullshit line from TV without being able to back it up! Think about it, at the very least, and come back later. Most people aren't true leftists, but the left has a very convincing political arm and they use the press masterfully. The war goes on, even though they hate it.


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