Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, Obama is 'the one', meaning the DNC pick and an almost religious messiah figure. I watched his acceptance speech, flipping between the major networks, and watched the responses between mixed reviews and borderline orgasm (guess where that one was).

Personally I find it disgusting. This man's mere candidacy has become an affront to the 53 presidents before him. He is nothing, inexperienced, unworldly, unintelligible (off a teleprompter), and a dangerous polyanic with delusions of grandeur. In that speech he promised to solve every issue you can imagine. I'm surprised he didn't offer to come over and get rid of a wart that had been bothering me.

In the days of old politicians used to be sneered at for offering 'a chicken in every pot'. Obama offered the chicken, a pot, a stove, and a house to put it all in. Check out the laundry list.

1) national health care (can you say bankrupt economy?)
2) working wage (read $25 hr minimum wage boys)
3) sex normalled wages (women and men paid the same. How are they going to enforce that one?)
4) end our dependence on foreign oil. (guess he's going to invent fusion power all by himself!)
5) retool our auto plants to be uber high tech and green to boot!
6) free and universal education! (guess he's going to nationalize all universities)
7) end the war in Iraq (no surprise there, he's been for surrender before the fight started)
8) escalate the war in Afghanistan (oookay)

And these are only the eight I could remember of the top of my head! I won't even get into how he gave McCain a little nod, then proceeded to rip him a new asshole for 40 minutes. Congradulations are in order. This character has succeeded in one fell swoop to lower the bar for the presidency nearly to the floor, and to also turn a nomination acceptance speech into a free attack ad. I shudder to wonder what McCain's acceptance will be like. Will he rise above this vitriolic mudslinging Obama has started, or turn the other cheek and in essence make himself look weak and vulnerable.

Make to mistake about it, this is going to be a fight to remember. I never was for McCain, he's okay in some ways, and horrible in others. But this character, Obama, is even worse than Clinton. He's got charisma Billy Bob could only dream about. Whenever a completely unqualified person runs for high office purely on his ability to give a speech and pick powerful backers rises to power, the shit hits the fan. EVERY TIME.

Hang on, its going to be an interesting eight weeks.