Friday, November 07, 2008

All HAIL THE ONE! He Hath Ascended...

President Barack Hussien Obama. Wrap your lips around that one and think on it for a while. Besides this man being the most liberal president since FDR, there is a lot more there that leaves me stunned. The fact of his heritage is much bigger (IMHO), than the fact that he is black. BTW, he isn't the first black president. If you follow the insistence of some people, even 1/10th black blood is enough to make you black. In that case Warren Harding (29th Pres) was certainly, his great grandmother was black. But ultimately, who gives a crap? What is more stunning is Obama's muslim ancestry. What's the big deal? We're in a real struggle around the world with murderous muslim terrorists, and only seven years out from the most devastating attack on US soil, by muslims. Amazing. The only thing that would have been more stunning would have been if after WWII, the first president elected would be of direct German or Japanese ancestry. Does this signal some sort of 'maturing' of our society, or a deep seated suicidal tendency that would leave Freud shaking his head? I don't know, but it still amazes me.
Beyond all that, Obama had his first presser today, and he continued from the campaign without losing a beat. Everywhere the man walked for the last year has been like watching a clown at a parade. Every few feet he reaches into his pocket and throws out seemingly endless handfuls of treats, toys, and goodies. This is exactly what Obama is doing. I'm trying to think, is there anyone or anything he hasn't volunteered the federal treasury to rescue? Let's see;

1) Wall Street - Check
2) Huge insurance companies - Check
3) Massive government controlled real estate lenders practicing bad policies - Check.
4) Automotive companies no longer able to compete because of unions sucking them dry - Check
5) States in trouble - Check
6) CITIES - Check
7) Basically every idiot who bought something on credit the couldn't afford - CHECK!

OMFG! In the speech he really said it, I had to back up the DVR twice and listen. States who were in trouble would be bailed out so that states didn't have to raise taxes. Same for some cities. Auto companies. Individuals who can't pay their mortgages. Back in the great depression Hoover spent millions creating make-work jobs, to no avail. The only thing that saved us was WWII. Obama is taking it one step further. He's just going to pay everyone off. My wife and I have two car loans and they're squeezing us a bit. I think I'm going to email Obama and ask for a bailout!

So tell me this, where exactly is this money coming from? Part of the turbulence we've just experienced was the result of our currency on shaky ground. If we weren't five trillion in debt, there wouldn't have been a credit crisis. His solution, spend another trillion or two! Whoo-hoo! Money for everyone. The democrats sneered at President Bush's stimulus checks last year as a gimmick (even though we now know that it helped, a little), but Obama didn't miss a beat saying he's going to send everyone an 'energy offset' check for $1,000.00. At least he's planning on taxing the oil companies a windfall tax on that. Not that this is a sane way to celebrate lowered gas prices, but it won't stop him. Oh, and all the time he's opening the treasury and offering everyone a basket to better carry out the loot, he's saying he wants to balance the budget, lower the defeceit, and return fiscal responsibility to DC. Are you fraking kidding me? I was always amazed at Bill Clinton's ability to lie with a straight face (and make people smile in the process), but this guy's Svengali ability sends a chill up my spine (unlike Chris Mathews thrill somewhere else). It's like Vader reaching out with the force, believe him or be crushed.

So, where do we go from here? If he can manage to hand out money for the next two years, no where but down. Besides, I'm sure every bad hiccup for the next four years will be blamed on Bush. The best hope for any conservatism at all is a meltdown on Obama's part. He's promised so many, so much, there is no way in hell he can come close. And as we've seen from the moonbats on the web, these people are dangerous. If he doesn't tow the, daily kos, code pinko line, they'll turn on his like an alley cat. Does that mean he'll do what they want? Unlikley. Obama only does what he wants.

Here's what we need to watch closely;

1) Fairness doctrine. If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid get this atrocious thing through, the opposition is dead. Some of you might think that is a good thing, but I want you go back in history and tell me where in history when an opposition party is obliterated that this has served the people? One party or the other in complete unfettered control is not how our nation is structured. At least not any more (I'm referring to the time before parties, it won't be back). Talk radio has energized the national debate, and no matter how you look at it, this is a good thing. You really want all those scary right-wingers out there in the streets with guns instead of in their basements listening to Micheal Savage?
2) Tax rebates. If he rolls out a long list of 'tax rebates' and makes sure they go to everyone (if you don't pay taxes in the first place and get a check, then that is not a rebate, its welfare), then he's trying to distract us with Bread-and-Circuses. Watch more closely.
3) Tax cut repeals. Obama was all about giving 95% of us a tax rebate (even though some 40% don't pay anything now), then he says he'll repeal the Bush tax cuts. Well, me and a few million other middle income families got more than a few hundred from those tax cuts. So tell me how that isn't a tax increase?
4) Remove 401(k). Yep, not kidding on this one. They are talking right now about removing the tax exemption for the 401(k). Instead you can contribute to a 'federal retirement fund' and be given a little 3% growth each year. Even this year, most 401(k)s will do better than 3%. But he likes this because the government will 'own' those funds, and a little bonus is if you die before exhausting the funds? The government keeps half! WTF? Why do democrats love taking dead peoples money?
5) Guns, guns, guns. Yeah, I'm talking about guns. Obama is a gun hater from way back. Whenever a democrat talks about 'not restricting a hunters rights' or 'common sense gun control', I want to run for the nearest gun store. I don't really think much will happen in his first term, too much more to do. Count on a return of the nonsensical assault weapons ban and closing of the so called gun show loophole. He'll save the real damage for a second term, maybe after appointing an ultra left supreme court justice or two. If he takes this on early, its a real bad sign. Obama doesn't tackle stuff that he can't win. Gun sales nationally are up 15%. After January 20th, i suspected sales will have doubled.
6) National Service -This is the most Orwellian of them all. He said during the primaries that we need a homeland security force, "as well funded, as well trained, and as well equipped as the US military". Yeah, his words. What, in addition to the FBI, CIA, NSA? Is he serious? We spend more than half a trillion on national defense already. Add another half a trillion. And besides, what are they supposed to do? Guard the polls? Help ACORN register democrats? Confiscate private firearms? No, save that for the second term. It's hard not to look at this and think of rows of well dressed brown shirts marching in formation. But that besides, he said that every highschool kid should be REQUIRED to "volunteer" 5o hours a year, and every college student be REQUIRED to "volunteer" 100 hours a year. Really? Sounds a lot like endentured servitude, or SLAVERY. Required? Oh, he dropped that line today, but even though its gone, it is still a rare view into what Obama thinks. Even more valuable than telling Joe the Plumber to spread the wealth.

Keep a watch on all of these. And lets see just how 'post partisan' he is with Republicans who still hold enough seats in the senate to filibuster. I suspect when he reaches across the isle, he'll be holding a billyclub behind his back.

So all hail President Barack Hussien Obama. He is our next president, there is no denying that. What the future will bring under a president Obama, there is a lot of denying and questions there. As a McCain supporter (only because be beat Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney), I'm going to spend a lot of time dodging the news on the TV. If the press loved him before, I can't imagine what will happen now. Will he have to get a restraining order against Chris Mathews because he wants another thrill up his leg? Most new presidents have a honeymoon, but a four year honeymoon?


Anonymous Flaire said...

As a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, my philosphy has been, "do whatever the heck you want, but don't expect me to pay for it."  Doesn't fit well into either the Democratic or Republican parties - but up until Obama - I have always voted democratic for president.  That changed this election...Sarah Palin scares the heebee-jeebies out of me.  She's crazier than my first husband.  Scares me more than Madame Clinton, Chenney and Rumsfeld combined.  And I think that she was the downfall of the McCain campaign.  Obama scares me more than Palin.  If you add Conde-Rice in the above mix, he still scares me more.  Both personally and professionally.I'm seriously considering moving to Costa Rica or Tahiti...!.  He wants to give the "workers" rebates.  Which are taxed at the state level as income.  Not much of a "rebate" when I can't even afford the minimum on my credit card and I'll be taxed on top of it...2.  He wants to bail out the states.  How is he going to do that?  By making the federal tax-payers pay it.   Hmmm. can you say double-taxation?3.  He wants to engage in dialogue with Iran "without preconditions."  I'm not a big fan of the "support Israel no matter what" theology, but they are one of our biggest trading partners and - let's face it - that airspace is valuable to reaching a whole lot of less-friendly countries.4. He wants to open up people's retirement savings penalty-free (but not tax-free) so they can go out and shop-till-they-drop.  Buy crap they don't NEED to stimulate the economy.  And a lot of gullible people will.  And then be knocking on the government's door 20 years from now wanting a handout because they pissed their retirement away on a 84" flat-screen.  That's not supporting the economy - that's feeding the Freudian ID!So, true to my word, I didn't vote for any candidate for president.  Oh, I voted for everything else on the ballot - down to my local school-board rep.  But as I knew my vote didn't count anyway - and I knew how the election would turn out - I didn't see the need.I don't know about lasting 8 years, though.  I know people are fed up and want change.  But I also know to be careful of what you wish for.  Can he acutally deliver on this "prosperity for all - a chicken in every pot" promise?  I doubt it.  Americans are stupid and guliible - but not without results.  I'm holding my breath until 1/20.  After that, it's a crap-shoot whether my next post will be from a tropical. non-extraditional location or not...

11/14/2008 08:59:00 PM  

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