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Okay lugnuts, I promised so here it is.


I could argue for hours on this dead dog. The simple truth is if you believe it, likely your a member of the church of global warming, lead by high priest Algore himself. I do have a question or two for you though;
1) How is it that a gas representing less than 2000th of 1 percent of the atmosphere can have such a profound change in the planetary temperature? Current tests show about 380 ppm (parts per million) concentration of co2 in the atmosphere. Get your calculators out kiddies and follow along, 380/1,000,000=0.00038. That's right, 0.038% of the atmosphere is co2. This is up from about 1800 where it was 280ppm, an increase of 100ppm or about 40%. Sounds like a lot? Well, 280ppm is about like five chipmunks farting in the superdome. Since 1800 two more chipmunks have farted. OH MY GOD, RUN FOR THE HILLS! DESTROY ALL CARS! SHUT DOWN ALL INDUSTRY! TURN OVER THE CONTROL OF SOCIETY TO ALGORE. Tongue in cheek there kiddies, well except for the last part.
2) If we even consider accepting your jacked up premise that a change in the atmosphere of 0.0001 in a single odorless, colorless gas can cause a 0.7 Celsius change in the global mean temperature (remember that figure kiddies, there is a test later), a why is it that the temperature change has led the o02 increase, not the opposite? Seems the temperature has gone up years in advance of the increase of co2. Hmmm.
3) Since water vapor is more than 100 times more effective as a so called 'green house gas', why has it failed to produce a similar increase since water vapor levels have increased in the upper atmosphere by 75%! Shouldn't that have cause several degrees of warming more than the factional increase from CO2?
4) Finally, why do most global warming cultists close their eyes, cover their ears, and go 'nya-nya-nya'! at the top of their lungs when you mention sunspots?!

Yeah, see there is the rub. For years the global warming ninnies have been screaming that it's man causing it (ignore the global climate cycle of ice age every 10,000 years, that we're overdo for), but completely disregard things like the medieval warming, little ice age, etc. You want to know what links up the best with our global climate (hot, cold, etc)?!?!? SUN SPOTS, assholes (little homage to George Carlin there, RIP). When you slap down the history of sunspots next to the global record of hot/cold, you get a chilling correlation (pardon the pun). They really hate it when you mention the Maunder Minimum. A most inconvenient time from 1750-1800 where there was no sunspots, and we got us a little ice age. OOps.

Well, we're followers of the church of global warming, so faith can carry us through. (Hallowed be thy name, our forged scientific data and Algore shall comfort us!) After all, there is not definite proof of those two events being linked, right? Well, you're right, of course.

Say hello to my little friend, proof;


Please read it carefully, it might damage your faith in that might even catch a note about DECREASE in global temperatures. But, but, but, how?

No sunspots, boys and girls, for more than a year. Quite a bit more if you consider we're supposed to be heading up into the next solar maximum, that little eleven year cycle of solar activity. Every eleven years we go from lots of solar sunspots, to almost none, and back up again. Last couple years were real scorchers with record numbers of sunspots. Scientists had to change their panties in expectation of this next maximum. They expected unprecedented shows, launched new satellites, and made sure the SOHO observatory was ready. The problem? Nothing happened. The minimum was more than a year ago. They expected sunspots by now at the rate of dozens a day. All we've seen are a few late shows from last year (they can tell somehow what cycle a sunspot is from). There is one little one now, other than that, the sun is dead as a doornail.

Dead Sun

This is a good one. "sunspot watchers are getting antsy" No shit? Notice the date on this article. More than a month, and still jack shit.

Compare that to this;

Sun? What sun?

Huh, 2004, global warming 'out of control', record sunspots, 2008, no sunspots, globe cooling off. Quick, call Algore, the FEVER HAS BROKEN!!!

There were hints at the end of the last cycle, something strange was going on...

Houston, we have a problem...

But we're way too busy trying to cool the planet off to worry about SCIENCE! What happened to fact checking, analysis, and more fact checking? Forget about that, there's big money to be made scaring the shit out of people.

I believe most scientists knew the jig was up a couple years ago. Have you noticed they don't mention global warming as much? Now it's all about CLIMATE CHANGE! Oh my GOD! Even better, you can blame EVERYTHING on climate change. Too hot, too cold, no rain, no snow, too much rain, too get the idea. Only problem is, these pesky sunspots. Don't you hate it when hard facts slap you in the face like a pissed off whore? So what to do? Simple, don't talk about it. Look for articles, and good luck to you. It took me a couple weeks of spare time searching to put together a good look at this picture, and I don't like what I see.

Who likes winter? We all do, right? You like it so much that you want a month of summer, then back to winter? That's what happened during the Maunder Minimum. Ouch. We're gonna have a lot of Canadians camping in Georgia for a few decades, we better start stalking up on beer.

This is my current main site - SOHO SATELITE my browser opens to it every morning. Remember that first one I showed you, where they mentioned the 0.7C drop in temperature? Supposedly global warming caused 0.7c temperature increase in the last century. A lack of sunspots for one year reversed it. Global temps were 10c colder during the maunder minimum, that's about 18 degrees boys and girls. In Kentucky where I live, summer averages about 91, winter about 21. Change that to high of 73 in summer, 3 in winter. I don't know how many of you have gardens, but guess how many things grow well with a one month growing season and temperatures in the seventies? We're back to jack shit again.

Well, they'll keep it quiet as long as they can. I'll pray to wake up one morning to even a couple sunspots, but at this point? Don't think they'll keep it quiet? Go to and click on the news tab, now type in sunspots. Yeah, you see?

You get (Cliff has been a MMGW for a while, bless his heart). Two years since anything, more than a year since we were supposed to enter the new cycle. Not a single major press story, or minor for that matter. (BTW, a gem from cliff was My Man Cliff awesome story).

Nothing on CNN.
Nothing on ABC News
Nothing on CBS News (mention of expected peak from 2007, that's it)
Nothing on NBC or MSNBC except a blub from a year ago about the First Sunspot of the new Cycle! Turns out that was wrong...
You can't really blame them, they're busy trying to get Obama elected...

What about our only hope, Fox News? Ahhh, here we go!
Fox Comes Through, sort of...

It's a few weeks old, and is mainly of the sort 'don't worry, nothing to see here' that you see just before it blows up in your face, but it is the ONLY ARTICLE BY ANY NEWS AGENCY! This is fucking pathetic! If the global temp suddenly spiked by .7C, it would be all we heard about 24/7, even from Fox!

So, what is in the weeks to come? I guess we'll hold our breaths, and see. Regardless, global warming is gone for now, lets see what the future brings...


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