Wednesday, June 03, 2009

End Game

Well, the power play is under full effect. You only have to watch the way the dems are acting in Washington to see the writing on the wall. They're acting spoiled rotten life long diabetics, turned loose in a candy store with no adult supervision. It's like fifty years of pent up liberal drooling is on display as they're going for the full monty, every little socialist fascist fantasy is going to be passed even if it bankrupts the country, and it will. Oh, don't get me wrong, they're going to try and pay for it, they are so seriously going to try and pay for it. There are so many trial balloons floating over DC you'd think it was D-day on the English coast. Everything is being tried on for size from taxing private insurance to a national VAT. They've even tried two versions of VAT, one that would exclude the majority below $200k a year from income tax, the other that leaves things as they are and tosses in a 25% VAT.Isn't that awesome? If you are hard enough working to earn over $1 million a year, your total effective tax will exceed 88% (assuming you spend all the after tax money you earn, of course, which if they do this won't happen). The fact that these morons are even THINKING of a VAT proves that they're off the hinge. Every time this thing which has all but bankrupted business in Europe has been brought up in the past it was laughed off the stage, and cost more than a few dems their office.

I'm convinced there is only three things that can save us at this point, and I'll give them in increasing probability (should you believe we're not lost already).

1) The conservatives (hopefully not repubs) win HUGE in '10. About a hundred seats change hands (and 15-20 senators) and this shit is stopped...dead. The ridiculously slow rate they're actually spending the money means it might be possible to reverse a lot of the damage in spending. (not if they pass socialized medicine though, more on that later). These conservatives wouldn't be able to rest complete control, but the dems would be so freaked out and The One so afraid he would be a one term wonder they'd all back off and suddenly discover a moderate side.

2) A wave of tax revolts sweep the country in the next six months. I think a little of this is already under way. Evidence? Tax receipts are down by $375 billion. Pew research says it shouldn't be more than $150-200 billion at this point. Glenn Beck had a guest the other day, a rare conservative actor named Craig T. Nelson (Coach) actually said he was considering the idea of stopping paying his taxes. What? Wow, really? Yes, and I think some are doing it already, or going Galt. The government loves nothing more than throwing anyone who doesn't pay their taxes in jail (unless your a dem, then you get a job and forgiveness). They love it so much it's usually front page news, especially around tax time. But what do they do if a million, two million, ten million of us stop paying taxes? Throw us all in jail? Maybe, if you believe in the conspiracy theorists talking about concentration camps. If this movement grows in strength, it could turn the tide.

3) The government gets its wet dream and passes socialized medicine. Why is this a big one? Because it's MY TIPPING POINT. If they do this, I'll spend the next six months (they'll have to wait at least that long to get it off the ground) saving every dime I can, quit my job, and start sucking as much free shit from the government as possible. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to take the government down, I'm just hurrying it along a little. I will also encourage as many others to do the same as well. This is 'going Galt' for our modern world. I will deny the beast my brain, my effort, my care for the countries government. At that point it is obvious that there are more bottom feeders than workers, so I don't care any more. I'll ride it out and wait to see what comes out the other side. And I know there will be millions more like me. They can't keep it up forever, not without money and our cooperation. The world economy will collapse without our buying, giving, and caring. It is all but inevitable.

I think the damage is done. The nation will never be the same again, there is no way they can put the shit back in the horse. You can't run up a debt bigger than the entire nations GDP and suggest there is a way to pay it off. This president has not spent more money in 100 days, than all the presidents before him in the last 30 years. Even FDR would be agog at what is going on. Hyper inflation is right around the corner. Our treasurer is in China begging them to buy our bonds. And after spending a couple billion they're now slobbering over the idea of national healthcare (conservative estimates, $2.5 trillion over the next five years). Bye bye baby.

Remember, elections have consequences.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just another Oval Office meeting...

Okay, this is just too funny to be believed. You really have to wonder if this is how it's working. The only downside, it makes Chairman Zero look way to moderate.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shit Sandwich

How else do you describe it? The biggest shit sandwich ever conceived of, ever made, and ever force fed to the American public. If you've been following along you've known that I don't approve of our newly minted and esteemed president, the one, high holiest, the anointed one, Barak Hussien Obama. McCain sucked, Obama is a nuclear powered Hoover. Sometimes I'm so sick of being a Libertarian (especially an Objectivist), I can't see straight. Anyway, on two the doodoo snack.

How do you go about destroying the most power free economy the world has ever know? Just watch TV, we're seeing a demonstration right now. First, when banks and businesses act like morons and become insolvent, continually throw billions of dollars at them and claim they are too big to fail. Second, threaten to raise taxes during a recession, and actually do it. Three, when no one will buy your increasingly worthless bonds to finance the biggest spending spree in world history, just monetize the debt! Tada! What is monetization? Well, when no one buys your worthless bonds, why you just buy them yourself! While the press has carefully been keeping your attention to the BS issue of a few million in bonus paid to a company execs (a company that should be in bankruptcy right now), the Fed (Federal Reserve) ordered the printing of a TRILLION is cash reserves, and then bought the bonds to coner that money. This is the real world equivalence of loaning yourself a hundred bucks, and writing a check from the same account to cover the withdrawal. The money doesn't exist, it's a paper trick.

So what does this mean? On it's surface, not too much. We've done it before for a few billion here and there. But for trillions? Never. Monetizing is extraordinarily inflationary by nature. Big surprise, when you dump super tanker loads of cash on the market, it gets less valuable. Worse in this case, the money is being printed to make it cheaper and more available for banks to borrow that money, but none of them are interested. They're driving up inflation for nothing. Banks won't start loaning money until the bleeding in the monetary and insurance market stops. And thanks to bailout after bailout, that won't happen any time soon. AIG is likely going to die anyway, the sad truth is their liability is in the trillions, not hundreds of billions. They ran up this debt by underwriting everything from toxic housing loans (you listening democrats?), to monetary hedge funds (and you too Republicans?). Like Madoff, it was a smooth gig until the markets went into the toilet.

To stop this decent into hell and save us all from ourselves, our illustrious prez, he who can do no wrong, is throwing trillions at the problem. We who studied economics even a little figure that lesson was learned by FDR and Johnson, namely you can't spend your way to prosperity. But suggesting FDR's spending was akin to a drinking problem, you'd have to say Obama is a remake of Leaving Las Vegas. He's determined to spend us into oblivion. Honestly, I'm at a loss for which scenario is more likely. Is he just trying to save us by spending the next five generations savings, or is this the classic example of a generation of pent up ultra liberal socialistic wet dreams come true? Either way, it ain't good kids. OMB guesstimates the deficit this year with Obama's first budget to be 2.5 TRILLION. One year. He is at a pace to double the entire national debt in one year. In never agreed he was the first black president, and many historian agree with me. But in this way, he is going to be historic, fo sho.

I've written about a tipping point, how far off can it be? Who guessed that Ayn Rand had is to right, and so wrong. The only thing she didn't take into account was the ability for a government to just run up debt until it all comes crashing down. If they'd been forced to actually generate revenue for all this bull shit, they'd have taxed this nations producers into Galt's Gulch a decade ago.

I've never been more happier to be living fifty miles from a major city. It all feels like a city of glass, built on a major fault line, right next to an active volcano. Oh boy.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Train Wreck

We're heading for a train wreck. How else can I describe it? I actually thought for a few days that this bailout bullshit couldn't get any worse under Bush and the mixed congress/senate. I WAS WRONG! OMFG, Obama is going to ride this like a express train to hell, going down.

I'm going to think it over for a few days and make a more concise post, I don't want to start now because I'll just ramble and foam at the mouth for an hour.

But while I think, chew this over.

1) There is no such thing as a business too big to fail.
2) How can any group of entities or organisms stay healthy if the sick and malformed are allowed to live, breed, and even lead?
3) What will be the eventual outcome of doubling our national debt in 1-2 years? How can it be good in any way?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Tipping Point

What will the tipping point be? There are several possible tipping points to talk about.

1) The point that debt becomes so much that our economy becomes insolvent.
2) The point that individual liberties are so devastated that people start going seditious movements.
3) The point that taxes become to egregious that we simply refuse to pay them.

I'm sure there are a few more, but there are becoming so many I'm having a hard time keeping them all straight.

But beyond these three basic points I've mentioned above, there is a more subtle one. That point at which a significant percentage of the population, a particular percentage of the population, has finally had it. What percentage? The workers. The industry builders. The inventors. The true entrepreneurs. The creative minds of the nation. The ex-military heroes and leaders. In other words that percentage that accounts for like 95% of the federal budget. For the sake of conventience I'll add in anyone that pays at least 5% of their income in federal taxes. I can't include those that pay state taxes, sorry. They very so much its not possible. I know 5% might not seem like much for someone who makes two hundred thousand a year, but for those out there making twenty thousand, that 5% is kinda painful. I know, I've been there. My family makes more than $90 thousand now, and we're went over 15% last year (over 22% if you include state). Pain is all relative. I could sure use that ten thousand or so a year. I'd even give a portion of it to charity! More than I do now, anyway. But the government doesn't really give m that choice, do they?

So there's that percentage that is almost undefinable of a portion of the population that cuts across almost all lines. For some strange reason these people are mostly conservative. Go figure! For some strange reason (snark), it seems most of the non-tax payers are liberals. How the hell did that happen? Well, wasn't it Thomas Jefferson that said a democracy would only survive until the electorate would realize that could vote itself goodies from the treasury?

So what do we have now? We have democrats promising unlimited goodies to anyone who will vote for them. Free healthcare (not free, just nationalized), free housing, free food, guaranteed jobs (if you feel like it), free bailouts if your house is destroyed because you built it in a tornado zone, etc, etc, etc. Sound kinda like what Thomas Jefferson talked about?

I'm talking like this because I sense a dynamic after this last election I've never felt before. I'm not 100 years old, but I'm also not 18. I've been through fifteen election cycles, eight presidential cycles, that I was old enough to remember. I've never seen this sort of shit before. The democrats and their allies in the uber left fringe are completely unhinged. They're the first to accuse of hate, but you don't see the right doing any of it now, only the left. AND THEY WON! There is significant concern here that now that they have won, they will make it impossible for anyone else to. Obama is already going on about revoking ALL presidential executive orders. Don't get me wrong, these things are about as anti-liberatrian as possible, but no president before ever stepped in and attempted to scorch-earth the previous administration.

The first 100 days will be very telling. He's got a big hardon over the possibility of throwing down his thug thizzle on capital gains, raising them to 75%, and also going after the coal industry. Either of these moves during a recession is like throwing gasoline on a brush fire. The voters aren't idiots, just blind sheep. If the economy goes into a complete nosedive in the first six months, the dems will get slaughtered in the mid term.

Once again, it's wait and see. But I'm going to be prepared as possible. The old Gods will have to be merciful for us to make it through this one.

Friday, November 07, 2008

All HAIL THE ONE! He Hath Ascended...

President Barack Hussien Obama. Wrap your lips around that one and think on it for a while. Besides this man being the most liberal president since FDR, there is a lot more there that leaves me stunned. The fact of his heritage is much bigger (IMHO), than the fact that he is black. BTW, he isn't the first black president. If you follow the insistence of some people, even 1/10th black blood is enough to make you black. In that case Warren Harding (29th Pres) was certainly, his great grandmother was black. But ultimately, who gives a crap? What is more stunning is Obama's muslim ancestry. What's the big deal? We're in a real struggle around the world with murderous muslim terrorists, and only seven years out from the most devastating attack on US soil, by muslims. Amazing. The only thing that would have been more stunning would have been if after WWII, the first president elected would be of direct German or Japanese ancestry. Does this signal some sort of 'maturing' of our society, or a deep seated suicidal tendency that would leave Freud shaking his head? I don't know, but it still amazes me.
Beyond all that, Obama had his first presser today, and he continued from the campaign without losing a beat. Everywhere the man walked for the last year has been like watching a clown at a parade. Every few feet he reaches into his pocket and throws out seemingly endless handfuls of treats, toys, and goodies. This is exactly what Obama is doing. I'm trying to think, is there anyone or anything he hasn't volunteered the federal treasury to rescue? Let's see;

1) Wall Street - Check
2) Huge insurance companies - Check
3) Massive government controlled real estate lenders practicing bad policies - Check.
4) Automotive companies no longer able to compete because of unions sucking them dry - Check
5) States in trouble - Check
6) CITIES - Check
7) Basically every idiot who bought something on credit the couldn't afford - CHECK!

OMFG! In the speech he really said it, I had to back up the DVR twice and listen. States who were in trouble would be bailed out so that states didn't have to raise taxes. Same for some cities. Auto companies. Individuals who can't pay their mortgages. Back in the great depression Hoover spent millions creating make-work jobs, to no avail. The only thing that saved us was WWII. Obama is taking it one step further. He's just going to pay everyone off. My wife and I have two car loans and they're squeezing us a bit. I think I'm going to email Obama and ask for a bailout!

So tell me this, where exactly is this money coming from? Part of the turbulence we've just experienced was the result of our currency on shaky ground. If we weren't five trillion in debt, there wouldn't have been a credit crisis. His solution, spend another trillion or two! Whoo-hoo! Money for everyone. The democrats sneered at President Bush's stimulus checks last year as a gimmick (even though we now know that it helped, a little), but Obama didn't miss a beat saying he's going to send everyone an 'energy offset' check for $1,000.00. At least he's planning on taxing the oil companies a windfall tax on that. Not that this is a sane way to celebrate lowered gas prices, but it won't stop him. Oh, and all the time he's opening the treasury and offering everyone a basket to better carry out the loot, he's saying he wants to balance the budget, lower the defeceit, and return fiscal responsibility to DC. Are you fraking kidding me? I was always amazed at Bill Clinton's ability to lie with a straight face (and make people smile in the process), but this guy's Svengali ability sends a chill up my spine (unlike Chris Mathews thrill somewhere else). It's like Vader reaching out with the force, believe him or be crushed.

So, where do we go from here? If he can manage to hand out money for the next two years, no where but down. Besides, I'm sure every bad hiccup for the next four years will be blamed on Bush. The best hope for any conservatism at all is a meltdown on Obama's part. He's promised so many, so much, there is no way in hell he can come close. And as we've seen from the moonbats on the web, these people are dangerous. If he doesn't tow the, daily kos, code pinko line, they'll turn on his like an alley cat. Does that mean he'll do what they want? Unlikley. Obama only does what he wants.

Here's what we need to watch closely;

1) Fairness doctrine. If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid get this atrocious thing through, the opposition is dead. Some of you might think that is a good thing, but I want you go back in history and tell me where in history when an opposition party is obliterated that this has served the people? One party or the other in complete unfettered control is not how our nation is structured. At least not any more (I'm referring to the time before parties, it won't be back). Talk radio has energized the national debate, and no matter how you look at it, this is a good thing. You really want all those scary right-wingers out there in the streets with guns instead of in their basements listening to Micheal Savage?
2) Tax rebates. If he rolls out a long list of 'tax rebates' and makes sure they go to everyone (if you don't pay taxes in the first place and get a check, then that is not a rebate, its welfare), then he's trying to distract us with Bread-and-Circuses. Watch more closely.
3) Tax cut repeals. Obama was all about giving 95% of us a tax rebate (even though some 40% don't pay anything now), then he says he'll repeal the Bush tax cuts. Well, me and a few million other middle income families got more than a few hundred from those tax cuts. So tell me how that isn't a tax increase?
4) Remove 401(k). Yep, not kidding on this one. They are talking right now about removing the tax exemption for the 401(k). Instead you can contribute to a 'federal retirement fund' and be given a little 3% growth each year. Even this year, most 401(k)s will do better than 3%. But he likes this because the government will 'own' those funds, and a little bonus is if you die before exhausting the funds? The government keeps half! WTF? Why do democrats love taking dead peoples money?
5) Guns, guns, guns. Yeah, I'm talking about guns. Obama is a gun hater from way back. Whenever a democrat talks about 'not restricting a hunters rights' or 'common sense gun control', I want to run for the nearest gun store. I don't really think much will happen in his first term, too much more to do. Count on a return of the nonsensical assault weapons ban and closing of the so called gun show loophole. He'll save the real damage for a second term, maybe after appointing an ultra left supreme court justice or two. If he takes this on early, its a real bad sign. Obama doesn't tackle stuff that he can't win. Gun sales nationally are up 15%. After January 20th, i suspected sales will have doubled.
6) National Service -This is the most Orwellian of them all. He said during the primaries that we need a homeland security force, "as well funded, as well trained, and as well equipped as the US military". Yeah, his words. What, in addition to the FBI, CIA, NSA? Is he serious? We spend more than half a trillion on national defense already. Add another half a trillion. And besides, what are they supposed to do? Guard the polls? Help ACORN register democrats? Confiscate private firearms? No, save that for the second term. It's hard not to look at this and think of rows of well dressed brown shirts marching in formation. But that besides, he said that every highschool kid should be REQUIRED to "volunteer" 5o hours a year, and every college student be REQUIRED to "volunteer" 100 hours a year. Really? Sounds a lot like endentured servitude, or SLAVERY. Required? Oh, he dropped that line today, but even though its gone, it is still a rare view into what Obama thinks. Even more valuable than telling Joe the Plumber to spread the wealth.

Keep a watch on all of these. And lets see just how 'post partisan' he is with Republicans who still hold enough seats in the senate to filibuster. I suspect when he reaches across the isle, he'll be holding a billyclub behind his back.

So all hail President Barack Hussien Obama. He is our next president, there is no denying that. What the future will bring under a president Obama, there is a lot of denying and questions there. As a McCain supporter (only because be beat Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney), I'm going to spend a lot of time dodging the news on the TV. If the press loved him before, I can't imagine what will happen now. Will he have to get a restraining order against Chris Mathews because he wants another thrill up his leg? Most new presidents have a honeymoon, but a four year honeymoon?

Thursday, October 09, 2008


No, I'm not mad. I am pissed beyond belief. There is a really good chance that this presidential race will come down to as tight as Bush/Kerry, if not more so. But if it is that close, McCain loses automatically. Why?! Here's why!

According to STATSIndiana, In 2007, Indianapolis/Marion County had an estimated population of 876,804. Of that number 232,607 were below 18 years of age, for a total of 644,197 people in Marion County/Indianapolis 18 or over and thus eligible to vote. (Indiana allows felons to vote as long as they are not incarcerated).

So we have 644,197 people eligible to be registered in Marion County/Indianapolis, and 677,401 people registered. Congratulations go to Indianapolis for having 105% of its residents registered!
Thanks to for the tip.

This stuff has been the bread-n-butter of the democrats for decades, maybe longer. Anyone familiar with Chicago politics knows their saying, "Vote early, and vote often!" Lets not forget that Obama is from Chicago. Anyway, the democrats have now managed to turn voter fraud into a tax subsidized profession courtesy of and organization named ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). Apparently we know what they mean by reform. This organization started about 15 years ago with the laudable goal of getting people out to register and vote. Somewhere along the trail they started getting millions from politicians and the US Government and then it became a job of feathering their own nests. And the best people to support that will feather your nest are democrats.

They aren't satisfied with just owning the educational system, the media, and everything else. Now they are going to try and own the election process by registering tens of thousands of people who DON'T EXIST!!! At that point its a simple mater of trucking around some poor bums with no jobs, give them a few bucks and list of names, and go from poll to poll voting ALL DAMN DAY LONG!

105% of voters registered in freaking Indianapolis? Are you kidding me? I lived there for 18 years, voted every election, and never saw more than 40% turnout. Even if the statistics are off, voter registration nation wide averages more more than 75%, and turnout much lower. THIS IS FRAUD! And this group, ACORN, is paying millions to perpetrate it. They brag on their web site that they have registered 1.3 MILLION people to vote. Then they show a map that shows where they work. All over the country? Nope, only states that have been in play or possibly in play over the last four election cycles (with the exception of California).

Their offices in Nevada have been raided, their operatives have been jailed for fraud in the past, and they have an office in Indianapolis...hmmm. Here is the site Rotten Acorn that specializes in tracking their 'efforts' over the years.

What does all this mean? Besides pure nastiness it means I'm reaching the end of my tether, and if little old quiet me is beginning to turn red in the face, there have to be a few dozen million more that have already passed the boiling point.

Why is it always the losers and liberals (sorry, is there a difference?) that riots and protests when they lose? Besides a primary respect for law and order that conservatives have that liberals don't, its because conservatives are more optimistic and happy. We don't worry when we loose and election so much, we'll be back later. But this vile crap is a game changer. How can you honestly compete if the game is rigged to such an extant that competition is impossible? And even beyond the legions of phantom voters, every time the Democrats take over, the first thing they do is start entrenching themselves by gerrymandering voting districts, and probably the "fairness doctrine" this time.

I'm not advocating violence in any way (yet), but this can't stand. IT CAN NOT! Once the privilege of voting is minimized and neutralized by fraud and deceit, what rights do we have left? The primary underpinnings of our freedom are gone, destroyed, slaughtered. No taxation without representation. We fought a war over that a few hundred years ago. Mark my words, it might well happen again. Stick a thermometer up the ass of the nation and takes it's temperature. It's getting pretty hot in there.

Painful to Watch

No, I'm not talking about Governor Palin. Don't even start with that crap, she is the governor of our largest state, a deadly political opponent, and smarter than 3/4 of the asshats in congress. Is the the smartest, most experienced, slickest politician McCain could have picked? Of course not, but considering how low Obama set the bar, he easily topped Biden. So enough on that.

Anyway, for a laugh on the whole liberal 'progressive' (right, yeah) lifestyle, check this out;

They have a whole series of very biting commentary on the left called Diversity Lane. There is a fair amount of conservative humor out there, but much of it is less than creative, and more of biting. This is both. I wonder how many progressives have the strength to look at their own character through this mirror?