Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bread and Circus

The Democratic convention in Denver is liable to be one of the wildest shows seen in quite a long time. The left are beginning to eat their own after their annointed few (Dem congress 06') failing to;

1) impeach President Bush (snort)

2) surrender in Iraq

3) tax and spend us into oblivion

Well, the Republicans are helping on part of #3, but still not executed as demanded.

You ever seen a bee hive or ant hill when disturbed? That scene best descibes the left in this election season. You can tell when they are so freaked out they can't see straight, they actually forget to insult a conservative in every sentance. It may well have been at least a month since I've seen the press gleefully reporting on a conservative being called a Nazi by some prominent democrat. The dems are in a feeding frenzy, and blood is in the water.

Need an example?


Many of the radical left consider Obama's win a betrayal. Blacks are good for votes, not to be voted for! Oh, places like Georgia or Alabama will elect a few every now and then, but president?! Everyone knows Hillary has been picked at the presumptive nominee. Rush Limbaugh's caustive buy pointed "Obama the Magic Negro" radio play has the bite of audacity, but also a ring of truth. You won't hear anyone in the media say it, but its really Republicans who want a color blind society. I could care less the color of the skin of a leader I vote for, as long as he represents my interests. President Bush has appointed more women and minorities than any other president in history. But still we need Hillary or even better, Obama to save us and give America "credibility". Bullshit.

Will America have a black president? Who would be stupid enough to even as that question? Of course we will. And the first time the nominee is a conservative (and hopefully liberatarian to boot), I'll be waving the flag and sending checks. Any American who would vote for Obama just because he had ancestors from an African nation is little better than David Duke, Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, and you should be embarassed with yourself.

This election holds a real fascination for me. This is one of those rare 'open' presidential elections. Not only is the sitting president precluded from running due to term limitatation, but there was no presumptive 'heir' to his presidency. This role is often filled by a VP after a two term president (see George Bush the elder, Algore, etc). Cheney said from the beginning he wasn't interested in being president. In part that is too bad. His Vader like visage would be fun to watch against the slick Edwards like brooks-brothers personae of Obama. Hillary had that level of certainty until Obama and Rush Limbaugh overturned the applecart. Don't know about that? Look into 'operation chaos' by el-rushbo. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_031208/content/01125108.guest.html

Rush had the genius to realize that the longer the Democrats attack each other, the better off conservatives will be. Who knows how effective he was, but look at the carnage and decide for yourself.

So beyond these facts, there is also the final candidates themselves. When you close your eyes and think about it, how is this even a race to consider? We are presented with two choices; a decorated war hero, former prisoner of war, acknowledged 'outsider' who has operated within the structure of DC for decades whilst getting results and causing minimal damage to our civil liberties and still killing badguys, or a first term senator from a noted corrupt political city with nearly no experience in governement and barely enough years of life to qualify for the job. Fascinating. We're in the struggle of our age against islamo fascists, and one of the candidates is an acknowledged dove. Beyond that he has bragged that he'd invite every third world tin pot dictator over for brunch at the Whitehouse. WTF? America has NEVER talked to these sort of bottom dwelling, scum suckers. We let other more useless nominal democracies (see France, Italy, most of europe) initiate those contacts and get some concession towards civilization before continuing. Everyone knows when you land in DC and chat with the Prez, "you're somebody to be taken seriously". He's going to have tea and crumpets with Ahmadinejad (or as Dennis Miller calls him, Aquavelvajad) just like that?! One tries to look back through the lense of time and imagine FDR popping over to Berlin for some struedel with AH. Don't like that comparison? You haven't been reading what Ahmadinejad had been writing. American presidents don't chat with dictators, we blow them to hell and/or accept their surrender.

Fascinating election season. History has been made and will continue to be made. Part of me wishes Obama wasn't such an empty suit so I could vote for him. With an eye towards the liberals 'need' to make firsts such a big deal, it might have been worth getting that one out of the way. I don't worry about what Obama might do as president, it's not like he's really said anything other than the whole dictator thing. All he's offered is hope and change. Rrrright. I don't hope for change, I hope for survival. I hope Americans have enough common sense to look and listen in the coming debates. Obama is all posing, McCain is poise. Obama is hope and change, McCain is leadership. It goes beyond the whole 'military experience as CIC' debate. Besides, it's one that really won't come up since its laughable on the dems side this season (I think we've had enough real life lesson at just how dangerous a persident is with no experience in military matters). This debate goes to the core of what a person is, what they have accomplished, what you can expect of them, and what they have done in life. Or in the case of Obama, what you haven't accomplished. He hasn't been behind one important piece of legislation, and aside from a no vote on the use of force in Iraq he hasn't stood up for one cause. That last item is the straw that broke this camel'l back, no pun in tended.


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