Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Shallow End of the Pool

Make no doubt that this political contest for president will be centered around two subjects. McCain's lack of blackness, and McCain's lack of youth. And it is taking much less time than I would expect for the guns to be warmed up. Witness today's Bloomberg article by Lorrain Woellert, available on yahoo;;_ylt=Apz4n5E3JTtVGc7aJjPdNpbCw5R4

On its surface the article simple discuses how McCain's energy policy would operate, including the laudable goal to build another 100 nuclear plants. I must stand up and cheer as a SENSIBLE environmentalist and global warming skeptic, I've been yelling NUCLEAR POWER at the top of my lungs for years. But of course the nuclear knee-jerk crowd go cross-eyed and scream bloody murder every time the see the only truly green alternative power.
Anyway, Ms. Woellert's article points to several elements of candidate McCain's plan, and then opines the following;

"McCain, an Arizona senator, also vowed to spend $2 billion on research into clean-burning coal.
``This single achievement will open vast amounts of our oldest and most abundant resource,'' McCain, 71, said. ``It will deliver not only electricity but jobs to some of the areas hardest hit by our economic troubles. "

No where else in the article is any mention made of age, especially not the over-youthfulness (IMHO) of the democratic opponent. This is subtle but obvious ageism at work. Mark my words, it will be a lot less subtle as time goes by. You never saw a mention of President Bush's age in nearly every article leading up to the '04 election, nor of his opponent John Kerry. Why now? Is it fundamentally necessary that we be spoon fed lines to burn John McCain's age into our brain like the flashbulb image of a nuclear blast. Are certain people hoping we'll walk into the polls and look up at the candidates then see an afterimage next to both names; McCain - Old / Obama - Young. Distasteful, transparent, and pathetic. Shame on you, Ms. Woellert.

But this is just a warm up. Here we go, boys and girls, let the games (and subtle smears) begin.

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